2017 / Video installation / Video, colour and sound / 18 min

A work created by Flanagan in response to what he perceived as a recurring depiction of common held stereotypes, clichés and denigration perpetuated by the mass media representation of his hometown in Burnley, Lancashire. His video is a reimagining of the received idea about the North, identity and class, portraying a positive representation aligning Northern identity and working class culture with more progressive thinking.

On this occasion, the film was viewed in a "ginnel” (an alleyway between terrace houses common in Coronation Street, "kitchen sink" drama social realism and news coverage cutaways). His alley is a facsimile, a construct with braces and weights. Subterraneans marks a partnership with the North West Film Archive that contributed 16mm film from the Sam Hanna Collection.

Installation view: Degree Show, University of Salford, UK

Installation image: © Nick Harrison